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What's all the hype about digital mixers?
The audio industry has always had new and improved inovations.  That's just the nature of technology.  However, for Houses of Worship, in the audio world most pale when compared to the introduction of the digital audio mixer.  Digital consoles are certainly not new.  Yamaha brought us the first digital mixer back in the late 80's.  But today, digital consoles have become much more affordable and game changers in our church services.  We have all experienced bad audio during our church services.  And, it always seems to happen at the worst times possible, as if there is ever a good time.  Too many knobs being turned, buttons pushed, too many people on the sound board, kids, choir members, etc...  Most churches have these same problems.  Bottom line, we have never seen a better way to improve upon the church service than the new digital boards.  The recallablilty of known good console setting is where the digital desks shine.  The advantages of digital consoles are far to long to list. 

Shivelbine's is here to help you make the transition in to the world of digital control.  Our expertise and wealth of experience will help you choose the best digital mixer for your budget, space, and needs. 

A digital mixer from Shivelbine Music & Sound means a full system analysis to ensure the best product is matched to your needs and constraints.  Our technicians will provide a pre sale analysis to your current sound system and provide any concerns and solutions that can be provided.  We will be there to see the integration of the digital console to your existing system.  Once the installation is complete a full system calibration will be performed to ensure the very best sound quality, ease of use, future proofing, and elimination of pricey service calls for system tuneups.

We will be there to guide you through the initial learning curve.  Local tech support is all but a thing of the past, but not for us!  We are ready to anwer any questions you may have. 
- Instant mix recall
- Recallable EQ presets
- Easy to operate
- User define keys
- User presets
- Major reduction in clutter at mix location
- Advanced IE and standard monitoring capabilities
- Remote Ipad and Iphone control
- Unbelievable recording capabilities
 Starting at: $1,999
Starting at $899.99
Starting at $899.99